You(th) can play for Europe 2016 – Sport without discrimination

ACTIVITY 1 – Coordination meeting

This capacity building project, held from 1st to 5 July 2016 in Sajan, Serbia, aimed to gather founders of partner organizations, their members, youth workers, professionals or associates from Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Main objectives of the project are:

– to understand our own beliefs and feelings about LGBTphobia, and recognize and act upon the important leadership role you play as life learning individual;

– to educate staff, youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers on their responsibilities for being respectful and nondiscriminatory to all, regardless of their own personal beliefs, avoid assumptions or judgements based on stereotypes or rumor;

– to promote greater understanding and awareness of the effects of discrimination against young LGBT individuals and prejudice in schools, that have on them.

As partner for Youths work Coalition in Serbia, APLIC NGO was represented by 2 members who actively involved into all debates and discussions that were held regarding the mentioned theme, emphasizing the reality about human rights in Romania.