You(th) can play for Europe 2016 II


ACTIVITY 2 – Seminar.

This capacity building project, held at the end of October in Vrsac, Serbia, had the main purpose to gather partner organizations members, youth workers or professionals from Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina interested in LGBTphobia theme.

During one week, they participated in a training where were disscussed basic terms of human rights, LGBT rights and violations of such focusing on sports, and also concepts of stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination and oppression.

There were identified connections between homophobia and gender roles and sustainable cooperation between LGBTIQ and mainstream sport.


APLIC NGO was represented by 3 members who actively involved in all sessions. They presented the state of LGBT rights, policies, happenings and movements in Romania, expressing their interest in innovative campaigning against homophobia.