Unchain Human Rights – Nasutow, Polonia

APLIC Association is one of the 5 partners of the project entitlled Unchain Human Rights which took place on 18-24 august 2014 in Nasutow, Polonia. 

Young people from Romania, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Poland learnt from each other about different cultures, traditions and customs and they gain language skills and strengthened their intercultural communication.

Unchain Human Rights was a training course about respecting human rigths, a project that enabled young Europeans to learn about human rights in Europe, especially if it comes to norms and regulations that operate within the legal systems of the participating countries. The romanian representatives, as the other associations members, spoke about the law system in Romania and how human rights are respected in our country.

The project allowed a better understanding of issues connected with protecting the rights of the individual and also developing respect for human rights.

The Project raised awareness of young people in terms of breaching and lack of respect for human rights. Participants developed their competences to undertake actions necessary to protect human rights.