Keys to Employability – Intercultural Competence

APLIC Association was partner for ICRLD Association from Armenia in running the project ”Keys to Employability – Intercultural Competence”.

In the modern, globalized world where many organizations and institutions operate on a multinational level, their future employees are expected to have competences which will enable them to also work in an international environment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide youth with an opportunity to develop a basic set of essential intercultural competences that will not only boost their chances on the labor market, but will also strongly contribute to their social and personal development.

Also, as the unemployment rates among youth in Europe are becoming alarmingly high, there is a visible need to come up with innovative strategies which can improve young people’s chances on the labor market.

In this aspect, the TC “Intercultural Employability” was designed to gather youth workers and young leaders and give them a chance to explore and experience practical tools on developing the intercultural competence of young people.

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Apart from the practical part, the TC also consisted of several sessions devoted to theoretical aspects of interculturality and intercultural communication, providing participants with the space for a critical reflections on basic notions connected to the topic.

The participants acted as multipliers, who first understood and learned the methods themselves and then, they are expected to apply the newly acquired knowledge with the beneficiaries from their respective local communities.

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Participant countries for this training course were: Austria, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova.